Why Contact a Therapist?

People come for therapy for all symptoms, or for problems dealing with particular stages in life. At some phase in our lives we may all encounter moments of stress, or worries that severly impact our emotional health. However, on our own, it can prove more than difficult to move on or to change our relationship to life, especially when there is a generalised depression or ongoing feelings of anxiety. Realising that patterns of behaviour or types of relationship repeat in our lives – reasons for which we may have hardly an understanding – is usually what leads us to contact a psychotherapist or psychoanalyst.
The space of a session is one in which it is possible for a therapist or analyst to listen very carefully to what is being said and begin to hear something of the many threads of our lives, traces of speech and experiences of suffering that have affected each singular person, in mind and body. As such, our therapists realise that symptoms will not go away until we have heard what they want to say and grasped something about their function and cause in a person’s life.

As such, the treatment offered begins with an invitation for each person to start speaking about what is difficult in life. It offers an unique occasion to articulate things that it may not have felt possible to say to anyone else before.

From this process, it becomes possible to extract the unconscious workings and dictums by which we live our daily lives, often without conscious awareness. There arises something of how the fabric of each singular identity has been construed, making it possible to explore what underlies the seeming evident truths of our lives. And then to effect change, if we so wish.
Different analysts will charge different fees, which they will also adjust to an extent, depending on your income and what you can afford. How much you pay will also depend on how many times per week you see your analyst, on your particular circumstances, and on your analyst’s availability.
As a rough figure, you can expect to pay somewhere between 90 to 150 Euro per session

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