Range of Treatment

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Psychoanalytic treatment consists of meeting with an analyst upon a regular basis for sessions that last fifty minutes. This cohesive structure gives you and your analyst the chance to better connect with and understand what is happening at a deeper, more profound level. By taking time, attention and thought, psychoanalytic treatment can bring about authentic and enduring changes, even though faced with substantial emotional difficulties.

There are times in all our lives when our emotions feel overwhelming, and we can even become unwell with a mental health problem. Having psychoanalytic therapy may help us to better understand ourselves and to work through our difficulties.

Time is an important dimension in psychoanalytic treatment. As it encourages change through engaging with the unconscious mind, analysis does not offer any quick solutions. What it can offer is a depth of change and recovery that other, short-term treatments and interventions often cannot. Typically, people will see an analyst for several years, though the exact length of an analysis will of course depend on the individual’s specific problems and situation.

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